Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hello!! Achrei Mos and Kedoshim

It's been over a month since we last learned together.  

To be honest, I thought we would be meeting in Eretz Yisrael with the geulah on Pesach! ( I was there, where were you?!?!) 

During the seder, I wondered, how will I know when the geulah is here?  Will I feel different?

Today, I heard an answer.

Rambam says that when Moshiach is here the world will be exactly the same.

Yet, in this same world, we will see a revelation of all that is hidden. 

Every difficulty we have, all the small bothersome moments to the tremendously painful ones, will be revealed as what they really are; Hashem's kedusha.

In this week's parshios, I counted how many times it  says "I am Hashem", and how many times it says "I am Hashem, your Gd".

Guess what? Ten times each!  Can it be related to the ten Sefiros that we are counting right now- leading up to Shavuous, receiving the Torah.

The final culmination of these 20, is the 21st time (Vayikra 21:26)
"kadosh, I am Hashem".

Coincidence? No such thing;)

Here we stand, in acharis yamim,  readying ourselves for matan Torah, coming closer to the geulah every moment, while counting the ten sefiros, ten sayings Hashem introduced to create this world we see, but what really lies beneathe the suface is:

"I am Hashem
I am Hashem, your Gd
Kadosh, I am Hashem"

In the time of moshiach, we will see that there is only  one Hashem, our Gd, and everything all around is filled with His kedusha. 

Have a kadosh Shabbos!
aviva rus

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